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What shall I eat in Córdoba?


If you are coming to Cordoba, ( Spain) you should know that the main dishes are 4. The main one, on the top of everything is the Salmorejo, it is a a dip, like the humus, but it is made from tomatoes. It is amazing, you will love it, and I will share with you the recipe in my next post. This one it is a dish for every single people, it is healthy, it is vegetarian but so tasty, and also, you can found a version on gluten free. Maybe you will found with some toppings like egg, or Iberic Ham, but you can always order like plain, just with a olive oil on the top. Salmorejo it is delicious.

The second main dish is the Ox tail, aka, Rabo de Toro. This cow stew it is serving usually with the french fries, and you will see also on the menus like in croquettes. Another delicious thing from the Cordoba gastronomy.

The next one, it is that we called flamenquin. Basically, it is a roll of Iberic Ham, cover with the slice of loin of pork, and after passing through the liquid eggs and the scramble bread. For finish, it is deep fried on the olive oil. Usually it is presented slicing with again french fries.

One very important dish for us it is our Perol Cordobés, kind of Paella but made with the special pan, that we called perol, and it is taller rather than long. It is the typical dish for Sundays on family or for the bank holidays.