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Salmorejo dip, the king of Gastronomy in Cordoba


Salmorejo dip it is the most popular dish from Cordoba. We eat all around the year, like a main dish and also to share with friends on the restaurants. It is easy to made and easy to enjoy for everyone because it is vegan, healthy, and the most important: so tasty. It is like a humus but made from tomatoes. You can also add gluten free bread, if you need and you will be perfect!


  • 1 kg of tomatoes ( better the pear tomato style)
  • 200 grs of Cordobesian Telera bread ( or hard bread from previous day)
  • 100 grs of Olive Oil Extra Virgin from D.O.P Baena
  • 1 Garlic clove from Montalban City ( Garlic from Spain, the majority are from Montalban City in Córdoba)
  • 10 grs of salt
  • Like topins: can be Iberic Ham acorn feed from PDO Los Pedroches, hard eggs, also, a generous quantity of AOVE from PDO Baena ( Spain)

Preparation about Salmorejo Dip

Clean the tomatoes and stir with the blender, strain to remove seeds and skin, adding to beat back the bread, olive oil P.P.O from Baena, garlic and salt.

Decorate with chopped boiled egg and bits of Iberic Ham from PDO Los Pedroches.