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Day one of this wine year studying


Day 1. At 7:00 AM, with the icy day, I have started my journey from this year. Happy, I was in front of the Wine books at that early morning. There is a spanish saying that said that " Gipsy people does not want the kids with good proposal".... what does mean? Basically, that if you want to do one thing in the life, you need to do it, no just saying, so my, that I am a very hands on person... here I was. 

The balance at 22:00 PM it is that I have been studying for 8 hours. It is possible my best mark since I started to study on 25th of December. And yes, this is one of my main goals and I want to focus on it. 

Today, I have been pushing on Bordeaux, soils, Bordeaux climate and Bordeaux grapes. Do not get me wrong... All this things, I know from long time ago... ( too much maybe) but the thing, it is that you need to study focus as the people of WSET set the standard of their programa. 

It could be more easy, if English, It would be my mother tongue, and since I moved back to lives in Spain, I am not using my full brain in other language, and also, with the difficult to hold back the new things are hard to me. But, I am super happy, because I am doing the thing that I want to do, so I am happy spend my 1th of January without hangover, studying about the wines.  Good Save to WSET. 

Also, today, I have been ready again and again the chapter of Argentina and Uruguay... I do not want to get crazy with the Bordeaux, so... I am mixing to get alternative wine space full on my brain ....

Tomorrow, my focus is going to be more powerful with the flashcare on the app. 

Do you know, from all this post that I post on Instagram...never no one show any person study on pijamas... Maybe I should start the trendy. Maybe....