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10 things to do @ Cordoba


Córdoba is a great city to visit. A lot of people just come here to see the Mezquita, go around of Jewish neighbourhood, cross the Roman Bridge and that is it...But, big mistake, Córdoba has a lot of things that you must no lost. Continue reading and you will know a few tips very interestings...

20 things (or more) to do in Córdoba to be as a local...

  1. Visit La Mezquita for free. Every single morning from 8.30 to 9.30 am.

  2. Drink water from the Olive Tree Fountain inside of Patio de Los Naranjos and sing the song of Luis Bedmar ( I will wish to get a boyfriend, a la Fuente del Olivo)

  3. Drink a coffee in the Roof Terrace de Soho de la Ribera with the best views to the River and Roman Bridge.

  4. Take in the mitic slice of spanish omelette, sitting on the wall of Mezquita, in the meantime that you dip the tortilla in Salmorejo. ( that is the most important dish in Cordoba)

  5. Take a tapa of Mazamorra ( the dish that was made before of Salmorejo , before of the Discover of America, because the tomato was bringing from there., en Garum 2.0.

  6. Walk along the oak barrel signed for VIP people, like music, start or politics in the last city winery of Córdoba, smelling a glass of Oloroso.

  7. Drink the best cocktail Daki of the city in Glace Lounge. Their creations will surprise you!

  8. Visit a urban vineyard in the heard of the city, in the street Pedro Ximen, most well known as Calle del Pañuelo. (The napkin street) and it is because at some point is skinny as the length of a gentleman napkin. Make the picture!

  9. After the sunset go to listen the water from the fountain of Calleja de Las Flores and take the picture on the narrow street anthe flowers and the highlights of the tower of Mezquita.