Sommelier Online it is a service that helps very quickly to choose a bottle of wine when you are in a restaurant or when you are on the supermarket. Fast, easy and really economic. Also, I am hosting Online Tastings

Online Tasting. If you are not coming to Cordoba but you want to enjoy with my tasting, we can do remotely from your home. You can be in Hong Kong and my in Spain and your friends in New York and we will do the tasting.  ¿How it is working the online tastings? 4 easy steps:

1. Choose your friends or family members.

2. Let's go you and me (via online) to shop the wines together.

3.Choose the wine list on your supermarket list to your friends.

4. Let's conect to internet on time. Glasses, wines and let's start the tasting!  

Sommelier Online. How many time have you been on the supermarket and you did not know which wine to choose between the one for 2,56 or the 3,45 euros?  Now, it is easy and instant. I will reply to you via Instagram, Whatsapp or Telegram, and I will finish with your dudes, and after you pay a tips for me, via paypal or one link that I will send you. Good advise for cheap prices!